Creativity. A word so often exerted by millennials it’s almost lost its meaning, but can you really put a label on it? Connotations of being weird or forcefully different are frequently associated with the modern day creative, however, striving to be excessively quirky is not necessarily the definition - no matter how much you go against the grain with your looks, personality or profession, we all share one common incentive in the industry: to work towards a developing, innovative future.

We are enslaved by society’s invisible barriers of public perception, self hate and all the isms you can think of. This has defined Cortex’s mission to connect like-minded, unprejudiced creative thinkers to progress culture in a way that can diffuse into the wider community and alter preconceived perceptions.

Cortex is here to encourage emerging trailblazers to push the boundaries further than they can possibly comprehend. It’s for freedom of expression. Since our ‘birth’, various Cortex members have tasted the ‘clean water’, so-to-speak, with the help of our collaborative mindset: initiating exhibitions, pop up shops, live music events, magazines and this website - it is, however, just the beginning of our overall pursuit.

Explore the ‘Cortex’ of the next generation of young expressionists and discover your own definition of creativity.

- Benji Reeves